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The Hyperactive Memory Ruins project, led by artists Joel Arantes Correia and Ricardo Cruzes, was initiated in 2022 in Lagos, Portugal.

It uniquely explores the intersection between art, memory, and community. Both artists share a deep connection to Lagos, having spent many years there since their youth, and draw inspiration from the place and memories it holds.

Joel's relocation to Oslo has not diminished his ties to Lagos; instead, it has become a source of creative energy as he navigates Norwegian society and the local art scene. The project aims to bridge the geographical gap and reconnect with the roots of the artist's inspiration. The project's core started with the search for ruins in Lagos that hold architectural, locational, and memory significance. The artists employ a multidisciplinary approach, using interventions and installations that bring life to these ruins. This includes techniques such as painting structural layers exposed by the passage of time and the elements, turning decay into a canvas for artistic expression.

Standard sculpture, object assembly, sound recording and production, and documentary interviews with key individuals connected to the intervention sites contribute to the rich tapestry of the project. Crucially, the artists emphasise the importance of engaging with local communities. The success of Hyperactive Memory Ruins relies on establishing connections, gathering information, and tapping into the knowledge passed down through generations. The experimental attitude of Joel and Ricardo is evident not only in their artistic approach but also in their commitment to exploring, developing, and transforming the cultural fabric.

The project becomes a dynamic blend of artistic expression, historical exploration, and community engagement, offering a new way to experience and appreciate a place's cultural richness through the artists' eyes and hands.

Hyperactive Memory Ruins now has the opportunity to extend to Norway and be presented at Skien Kunsforening in 2025. The prospect of bringing their artistic exploration to a new audience is a significant milestone in turning their dream into reality.

Embarking on the project in early 2024 allows them ample time to delve into the preparatory work needed for a successful exhibition.

The fact that they'll initiate the project in Norway adds an interesting layer to their artistic journey. This offers a chance to explore the cultural and historical elements of Lagos, Portugal and engage with and respond to the cultural context of Norway. Fusing these two influences could create a truly unique and dynamic artistic expression.

Cruzes + Joel Arantes - Ricardo Cruzes. Artist - Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.

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