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Title- A place for unfinished memories.
Year -2022
Material/technique- Sculpture in concrete, steel, found objects, used objects, and reused materials.
Size- 180x142x228cm


“A Place for Unfinished Memories” it’s a sculpture/installation made of twelve columns that can “puzzle” together to create different structures. Each of these twelve columns is built up from four movable parts.

It comprises casted concrete, reinforcing steel, found objects, and used materials.

It is a project that was planned to be able to change and adapt to future displays, places, and challenges.

The base concept around this work comes from architectonic places, like unfinished buildings, houses, and ruins, that somehow impacted Joel’s life and became a way to heal wounds from the past. Now it will be part of a project of a constant process of transformation and adaptation to the present and future challenges.

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